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Bitmain Continues Investment Spree with Blockchain Data Storage Firm

After being valued at nearly $15 billion, it is logical for Bitmain to diversify its holdings. Original source:

Saturday links: fossilized past misjudgments

Autos Is Honda Motor ($HMC) too small to go it alone in the EV era? ( The transition to shared…

Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollar Eye on Central Banks’ Defense At Key Levels

The PBOC has stepped in twice when the USD/CNH broke above 6.90; HKMA has intervened eighteen times when the USD/HKD…

Podcast links: the new Moneyball

The biz Planet Money’s podcasts are being used to teach introductory economics classes. ( Why podcasts are such a great…

Weekly Forex Technical Analysis (Aug 20 — Aug 24)

EUR/USD Floor pivot points 3rd Sup 2nd Sup 1st Sup Pivot 1st Res 2nd Res 3rd Res 1.1200 1.1251 1.1344…

Fx Childs Play Signals

Are you tired of using buy/sell Indicators, Trading Robots, Algorithms, eBooks etc. without making any Profits in Forex Market? Or…

Weekly Trading Forecast: US-China Trade Talks and a Rebound in Equities Warms Speculative Interest for Next Week

This past week was off to a rocky start with concern of emerging market volatility feeding fear of financial contagion….

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FX Analytics Firm BestX Acquired by State Street Corporation

The takeover allows State Street to better compete with rivals who rely on their own technology to provide similar services….

Friday links: innumerate nonsense

Strategy The contrarian case for emerging markets. ( The current slope of the yield curve is no reason to dump…

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