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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Bloodbath Continues as ‘Unsustainable’ BCH War Rages

Bitcoin price slides another 5% today as the civil war raging within Bitcoin Cash continues to impact cryptocurrency markets and…

Ivy and Hiveex Launch Ivypay to Facilitate Consumer Bill Payments in Australia

Ivypay, a cryptocurrency-based payments platform, was launched in Australia on Nov. 19. The service — built by blockchain company Ivy…

‘We Are Against ICO’ – P2P Bitcoin Exchange Hodl Hodl Secures Funding [Interview]

Bitcoinist caught up with Max Keidun and Roman Snitko, CEO and CTO of HodlHodl, whose peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform and exchange just secured…

“We Did This With Gold”: Could VanEck Be Bitcoin’s Best Bet for an ETF?

Gabor Gurbacs is confident that the approval of a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) is inevitable. And he’s optimistic that…

Smart Contract Developers May Be Held Liable by the SEC

Nick Szabo invented them but has reservations about what they’ve become. Vitalik Buterin adopted them but now regrets using their…

Crypto Markets See Flush of Green as Bitcoin Moves Closer to $5,600

After a tumultuous week, crypto markets are today signalling recovery, with most of the top ten cryptocurrencies seeing healthy growth….

Nvidia Enters a Nosedive After an Underwhelming Third Quarter

Tech company Nvdia has entered a nosedive after Q3 results reveal an underwhelming performance. Nvidia experienced a 19 drop in its stock price….

One Day After the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Takeaways and Latest Developments

Bitcoin Cash, the “big block” project that forked away from the Bitcoin blockchain in August 2017, “hard forked” (split) into…

Festive, Free Automated Trading Bot Can Be Set Up in 10 Minutes

sponsored A Santa-themed trading bot is giving crypto enthusiasts the chance to capitalize on volatility and hopes automation will help…

Five years of Bitcoin [infographic]

Five years of Bitcoin [infographic] A Look at Blockchain Technology — New Infographic Ideas & Templates From Venngage

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